5 Problems with Office Chairs

Problems with Office ChairsFive Office Chair Problems to Watch Out For

Office furniture is one business purchase business owners should get right the first time. The wrong office chairs will be avoided or quickly be replaced. Business owners shopping for new chairs should be careful the chairs they purchase do not have one of the following problems.

1. They Are Not Sturdy Enough

Getting a bargain is great, but not at the expense of quality. Poorly constructed office chairs will break down quickly and need to be replaced. This means that employees and customers will have to sit on subpar chairs until the funds become available to replace the chairs or business owners will have to come up with funds quickly.

2. They Are Not Comfortable Enough

Good office chairs should be comfortable. Uncomfortable chairs will leave employees searching for reasons to get out of their seats throughout the day. More time spent walking around is less time spent working and less money for the company. Comfortable chairs help employees settle in and work productively.

3. They Do Not Adjust in Height

Not every chair best fits every person’s body. While business owners probably do not want to buy a different chair for every employee, they can help make the chairs a little more customizable by buying seats that adjust in height. Adjustable seats aid employee comfort, and employee comfort brings companies dollars.

4. They are Covered in the Wrong Fabric

If they are meant to last a long time, office chairs will eventually have something spilled on them at some point. Business owners may want to consider chairs covered in an easy-to-wipe-clean fabric so chairs do not quickly become stained and ratty looking. This is especially important for chairs in break rooms and doctor’s offices.

5. They are Irreplaceable

Some things should be one of a kind—office chairs should not be one of them. If one chair gets broken and needs to be replaced or if another employee is hired and another chair is needed, one chair will not match all the others. While this may be okay for break room chairs that no one sees, it is best to purchase chairs that can easily be replaced.

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