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Furniture: What does it really say about your business?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it makes sense for your business to employ furniture that greets customers with the right look. What’s more, office furniture must be functional and ergonomically comfortable since your employees are your stock in trade. Furniture should be supportive, positive assets to office operation and employee productivity.

Furniture represents a lot more than inanimate objects in the way of people. The right touches can create nurturing, positive environments increasing worker productivity. The right designs and pieces can create better focus while lending a positive aura to production. Creating open meeting spaces with comfortable furniture encourages networking and collaboration. Utilizing the right designs and style adds focus to company business.

Furniture also tells employees a lot about how you value their services. Some companies get their people involved in the decision-making process. Lighting, layout and furnishing adds to worker output and builds teams. Furniture that is ergonomically sound encourages worker health. Since furniture can be an important aspect of business operations, it makes sense to find the best appropriate furniture at the best price. A great resource for this is going through Equipment Street, saving you time and money.

The days of driving around looking for appropriate furniture are over thanks to Equipment Street. Shopping is a breeze. Just click away and get several bids on equipment for sale in nanoseconds. This lets you get the equipment you need at the price you value quickly and easily. Drive for bargains without driving around town. Equipment Street costs nothing to join. You are never obliged to purchase anything. Setting up your account is simple and fun.

Leading benefits of using Equipment Street include:

• Maximum competition for your business
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• Affordable financing options available

Equipment Street provides an automated platform for all your furniture and equipment needs. We do the shopping for you allowing you to spend more quality time on developing business rather than chasing furniture and equipment. Feel free to email, phone and contact us today for more information and sign up for free.

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What Your Office Reception Furniture Says About Your Business

Choosing the right office reception furniture is critical to giving visitors the right impression of what your business is all about. Although stark, contemporary furniture might be perfect for a technology company, it sends the wrong message to those visiting a psychiatrist’s office. At the same time, deep, plush sofas may give the impression that the technology company is not as modern as it should be. These tips can help visitors get the right impression about the company simply by visiting the reception area.

Reception Desk

The reception desk should be the focal point of any reception area, and choosing the right reception desk can send a message to potential clients about the business. The desk should face the main entrance door so that those who enter feel welcomed and greeted. No matter what industry is involved, the reception desk should be free of clutter, so be sure to utilize low shelving or drawers beneath the desk to keep clutter to a minimum. Clutter does not give the appearance of a busy office, but, instead, sends a message that the company is disorganized.

Visitor Seating

Visitor seating is the best way to send the right message about the company. Sleek, futuristic furnishings are perfect for technologically advanced companies as it offers a modern, up-to-date feel when visitors arrive. Although soft, comfortable sofas are an excellent way to create a cohesive and well-thought-out reception area, be careful that the furniture choice is not so comfortable it encourages visitors to sleep. Avoid reclining furniture that lead visitors to think of naps rather than important business meetings. Although antiques can add a unique feel to a waiting area, they are often uncomfortable, so even if the business includes dealing in fine arts or antiques, avoid using them in the reception area.

Color Choices

Bright colors are excellent choices for upbeat industries, such as childcare or art galleries, but muted tones work better in sedate settings, such as accounting or law offices. Choose neutral furniture colors, and add a splash of color with artwork on the walls or flowers on the reception desk. In addition, never use worn out or patched furniture in the reception area. Visitors will get the impression that the company is either not doing well or doesn’t care about the impressions they give to others.

These simple tips can help any company choose the right mix of reception and waiting furniture for the entrance to the business. The key is to send a message to visitors that gets across what the company is about and how they conduct business on a daily basis.

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The Evolution Of The Copier – Not Just For Copies Anymore

Copiers are not just copiers anymore. Modern copiers for sale can now scan, fax and save. They can also receive data from office computers as part of a local network or even from the cloud. Personal documents can be printed by a central copier. Downloaded items can go from the internet to paper with a few pushes of a button on a pad, laptop or PC. Documents can be scanned onto a USB stick, sent to others in the network, or even uploaded into the cloud. A modern office copier can speed up business, reduce waste and manage office time.

Office copier speed has been enhanced even as officer copier noise has been reduced to a minimum. Of course, printing quality has grown to the point of near perfection. Each document can be assembled and finished at a professional level. Businesses can publish their own materials without turning to an outside publisher. This can save money, enhance reputation, and entice clients and customers.

Hard drives on modern copiers can keep records of every document that is scanned or received. Individual security codes can keep records of each user, their documents and the number of uses. On many copiers for sale, this can be used to trace a document back to its source. Security among copier users can be protected from outside intrusion.

Bringing all of these copiers for sale into one marketplace, Equipment Street makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of the advances in office copiers. Getting the right copier at the right price has become much simpler with Equipment Street. More than 20,000 vendors offer office equipment at this site. That allows business owners to research office copiers and find the best type for their workplace. When needed, Equipment Street even offers to handle the procurement process for busy business executives.

Business managers can register their needs and secure bids from Equipment Street vendors. There is no middleman to slow down the process. Equipment Street acts as the conduit to competition. Getting one modern office copier or a whole suite’s worth of copiers is easier on Equipment Street.

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Why The Fax Machine Won’t Die

With technology that has grown increasingly portable and digital, many believed that the fax machine would become one of those business machines that would eventually disappear. Some expressed thoughts that the noisy, messy machines would become obsolete, with email and other digital technology taking its place. The fact is that the fax machine is not only still an important part of most offices, sales of the units are increasing, say many experts.

Combination Machines

More than a half million fax machines were purchased over the past twelve months, according to the NPD Group, a company that conducts market research. Although Internet fax services are available, some business machine companies are finding an increased market for fax/copier/scanner combination machines that provide more options for the user. In some industries, such as law, accounting, real estate and insurance, a signed document must be kept on file or provided to other parties, which makes email or computer transfer less appealing. With a combination machine, documents may be scanned for an email or an original sent as a fax.

Paper Trail

In addition to legal requirements for actual signed documents, faxes provide a paper trail that makes it easier to track documents, and in some cases, reduces an overload of requests as it takes more time to send a fax than to click on buttons to send emails with attachments. In addition, because there is no industry-standard for cloud-based services, it is difficult for electronic file sharing to occur between various industries.

Japanese Culture

Surprisingly, in the Japanese business culture, nearly 100 percent of businesses and 60 percent of private homes have fax machines, and in some instances, faxes take the place of emails in the country. Despite the attempt by some companies to modernize, the Japanese continue to prefer faxes over electronic submissions. One company who attempted to implement online ordering found that sales dropped so significantly, they returned to faxed orders.

Despite the explosion of technology that offers instant notification and delivery of documents, it appears that fax machines provide valuable services that email and other electronic means of communication do not provide.

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5 Tips to Save on Office Equipment Purchases

A busy and successful office can go through office equipment quickly. Business owners can spare themselves some of the expense of frequent office purchases by using these five tips to cut down on office equipment costs.

1. Buy Large Quantities

Supplies that employees use constantly–such as paper, pens and envelopes–can often be purchased at a discount price when purchased in bulk. While this will not work for larger, more expensive purchases, the savings from smaller purchases can really add up over time.

2. Buy Generic Brand Equipment

While brand loyalty can result in some savings, buying generic brands is often easier and more cost-effective. If there is a particular brand of a product that consistently delivers exceptional performance, it may be worth the splurge, but for most office supplies, generic supplies work just as well.

3. Encourage Supply Sharing

While it may be worth the expense to have plenty of paper and pens around the office so no one runs out, other supplies like paper cutters, hole punches and pencil sharpeners can be shared among employees. These supplies can be left in a central work space so employees can grab them as needed and return them when they are finished.

4. Go Green

Not only is going green trendy right now, but it can save business owners money too. Energy saving electronics save money on electric bills. Saving old papers that are no longer needed for scrap paper can save business owners a ton in paper costs.

5. Adjust Office Electronics Settings

Many office electronics can be easily programmed to save business owners money. Printers and copy machines can be set on the “draft” setting to save ink. Computers can be set to hibernate after a period of inactivity. Lights can be put on timers or motion detectors so they do not waste electricity when no one is using them.

While the phrase “you have to spend money to make money” is true when it comes to office equipment, there is no reason business owners should spend more than they have to. By following these five tips, business owners can easily reduce their costs and increase their profits.

Top 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Buying Office Equipment

One of the major purchases business owners make for their company is office equipment. While office equipment is usually not a particularly glamorous purchase, it is absolutely essential to running an efficient and successful business. Business owners considering purchasing equipment for their office in the near future should plan ahead to avoid making these top five buying mistakes.

Top 5 Mistakes in Office Equipment

Buying Without Considering Their Office’s Needs

Before business owners go shopping for new equipment for their office, they should first accurately assess their office’s needs. What equipment do they already have and what are they lacking? Are their employees always running out of pens or does everyone type everything on the computer?

Buying an Inferior Quality Product

While getting great deals on office equipment can save business owners a bundle, they should not sacrifice quality for price. Cheap products wear out more quickly and have to be replaced. It is usually more cost effective to buy the right product the first time.

Buying Without Shopping Around

High quality products do not have to cost business owners a bundle, however. Business owners should be sure to shop around and compare prices before making any major purchases. They should take advantage of a company’s offers to price match other’s offers or to offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Buying Without Employee Input

If the person shopping for the office equipment is not the same one who will be using it every day, he or she should be sure to gather input from the employees who will be using it on a day to day basis. It pays to know if there a certain copy machine function the staff cannot work without, for example.

Buying Without Keeping the Future in Mind

Lastly, business owners should shop with the future in mind. Technology bought today will soon be obsolete. Furniture purchased for office arrangements today will soon not be able to accommodate a business that is rapidly growing. Business owners should be sure to buy office equipment that will still be valuable ten or fifteen years down the road if it is meant to last that long.