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Furniture: What does it really say about your business?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it makes sense for your business to employ furniture that greets customers with the right look. What’s more, office furniture must be functional and ergonomically comfortable since your employees are your stock in trade. Furniture should be supportive, positive assets to office operation and employee productivity.

Furniture represents a lot more than inanimate objects in the way of people. The right touches can create nurturing, positive environments increasing worker productivity. The right designs and pieces can create better focus while lending a positive aura to production. Creating open meeting spaces with comfortable furniture encourages networking and collaboration. Utilizing the right designs and style adds focus to company business.

Furniture also tells employees a lot about how you value their services. Some companies get their people involved in the decision-making process. Lighting, layout and furnishing adds to worker output and builds teams. Furniture that is ergonomically sound encourages worker health. Since furniture can be an important aspect of business operations, it makes sense to find the best appropriate furniture at the best price. A great resource for this is going through Equipment Street, saving you time and money.

The days of driving around looking for appropriate furniture are over thanks to Equipment Street. Shopping is a breeze. Just click away and get several bids on equipment for sale in nanoseconds. This lets you get the equipment you need at the price you value quickly and easily. Drive for bargains without driving around town. Equipment Street costs nothing to join. You are never obliged to purchase anything. Setting up your account is simple and fun.

Leading benefits of using Equipment Street include:

• Maximum competition for your business
• More than 20,000 vendors on one site
• Affordable financing options available

Equipment Street provides an automated platform for all your furniture and equipment needs. We do the shopping for you allowing you to spend more quality time on developing business rather than chasing furniture and equipment. Feel free to email, phone and contact us today for more information and sign up for free.

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What Your Office Reception Furniture Says About Your Business

Choosing the right office reception furniture is critical to giving visitors the right impression of what your business is all about. Although stark, contemporary furniture might be perfect for a technology company, it sends the wrong message to those visiting a psychiatrist’s office. At the same time, deep, plush sofas may give the impression that the technology company is not as modern as it should be. These tips can help visitors get the right impression about the company simply by visiting the reception area.

Reception Desk

The reception desk should be the focal point of any reception area, and choosing the right reception desk can send a message to potential clients about the business. The desk should face the main entrance door so that those who enter feel welcomed and greeted. No matter what industry is involved, the reception desk should be free of clutter, so be sure to utilize low shelving or drawers beneath the desk to keep clutter to a minimum. Clutter does not give the appearance of a busy office, but, instead, sends a message that the company is disorganized.

Visitor Seating

Visitor seating is the best way to send the right message about the company. Sleek, futuristic furnishings are perfect for technologically advanced companies as it offers a modern, up-to-date feel when visitors arrive. Although soft, comfortable sofas are an excellent way to create a cohesive and well-thought-out reception area, be careful that the furniture choice is not so comfortable it encourages visitors to sleep. Avoid reclining furniture that lead visitors to think of naps rather than important business meetings. Although antiques can add a unique feel to a waiting area, they are often uncomfortable, so even if the business includes dealing in fine arts or antiques, avoid using them in the reception area.

Color Choices

Bright colors are excellent choices for upbeat industries, such as childcare or art galleries, but muted tones work better in sedate settings, such as accounting or law offices. Choose neutral furniture colors, and add a splash of color with artwork on the walls or flowers on the reception desk. In addition, never use worn out or patched furniture in the reception area. Visitors will get the impression that the company is either not doing well or doesn’t care about the impressions they give to others.

These simple tips can help any company choose the right mix of reception and waiting furniture for the entrance to the business. The key is to send a message to visitors that gets across what the company is about and how they conduct business on a daily basis.

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How Your Office Furniture Says Everything About Your Company’s Success

Clients can’t help noticing the office furniture that they see sitting out around an office. Those customers know that the best companies will have top of the line electronics, great couches and chairs in the waiting room and brand new desks and other pieces. When they see worn down or damaged furniture, those clients might think twice about working with a company.

Dress for Success

Experts often tell people to dress for the job they want and not the job they have, and the same thing applies to office furniture too. Start up companies that bring in new furnishings, accessories and decorations make a name for themselves. Those companies tell their clients that they have enough capital to purchase new things for the office. Some clients worry about working with a new company because they don’t know how long that company will last. When a business owner takes the time to decorate headquarters with new office furniture, it makes potential clients think that the business is successful, which can lead to additional revenue.

Finding Affordable Furniture

The only thing standing in the way between a successful looking office and an office that looks like it need an interior decorator’s help is office furniture. Many new companies think that they can’t afford to buy new pieces. They fill the space with hand me down pieces that get from family and friends, thrift store and yard sale finds and even pieces scavenged off the street. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make an office look more impressive.

Equipment Street offers a number of great services for those looking at furniture and decorations for offices and retail spaces.  With over 1,000 registered sellers of office furniture, buyers are offered a wide selection of quality dealers to select from. Shoppers can easily find office furniture that fits within their budgets and make their offices look better. At Equipment Street, shoppers have access to couches, chairs, tables, desks and many other pieces perfect for any office or retail space.

Top 5 Mistakes When Buying Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets play an important role in creating an organized and functional office space. With so many different types of cabinets available in every price range, narrowing options down to a specific product can be difficult. Quality, materials, size and features are just a few factors that affect how a filing cabinet performs. Learning more about file storage solutions and avoiding the common five mistakes below can help business owners find the best cabinets for their needs and price range.

1. Choosing the wrong size

Picking the wrong size is the most common problem business owners run into when buying filing cabinets. The reason why size mistakes are so frequent is because people tend to estimate the size they need without taking exact measurements or considering the amount of paperwork they need to store within their reach on a regular basis.

2. Ignoring construction quality

While lighter cabinets tend to be cheaper and easier to move, they are usually not as durable as cabinets that are made out of heavier materials. Features are also important. For example, cabinet drawers that are made with nylon rollers are designed to open and close smoothly without making any noise.

3. Buying cabinets with low-security locks

Most filing cabinets come with built-in locks for privacy protection, but that does not necessarily mean their locking mechanisms are sophisticated enough to prevent theft. Business owners who store sensitive documents in their offices need to look for cabinets that have upgraded security systems and other safety features. Electronic locks are ideal because they tend to be more secure, and they also eliminate the need to hide cabinet keys.

4. Going with a style that looks out of place

Filing cabinets are always on display, so their design should blend in with the rest of the office decor.

5. Picking the wrong shape

Vertical cabinets take up less floor space than lateral cabinets, so they work well in tight spaces and smaller offices. Lateral cabinets, on the other hand, are better for businesses that deal with a lot of paperwork because they can accommodate two rows of files within a single drawer.

How To Save On Office Conference Tables

Finding a way to save money on all of your office purchases is important, but it can be a challenge to find the best deal on office furnishings. Office furnishings generally must have specific features in order to be ideal for the space. For example, they may need to be a specific size and have a certain style in order to look great in the space and meet the functional needs for the office workers. Because of this, it can be difficult to shop around between different retailers to find the ideal types of furnishings. However, when you want to know how to get the best deal on conference tables, you can easily put Equipment Street to work for you. Through Equipment Street, you can shop around and compare rates from many different retailers.

To use Equipment Street to purchase a conference table, you first create an order that is detailed according to your specific needs. You can specify the ideal dimensions for your new office furniture as well as the style, finish and other features that you are looking for. Once you have completed your detailed order form, different retailers will contact you with their best price on products that meet your specific needs. You will be able to review and compare the different bids at your leisure so that you can locate the best deal on furnishings that are right for you.

Shopping for office furnishings like conference tables can be challenging. After all, you want to purchase a table that has a certain size and shape. It may need to accommodate a certain number of people around it, and you may want it to have a certain style of matching chairs. The fact is that there are many factors to consider when you are buying conference tables, but you do want to compare all of the possibilities with ease so that you make the best buying decision and get the best deal on your order. When you are shopping for the best deal on your office furnishings, the clear solution is to use Equipment Street to make your purchase. You will be able to create a customized posting, compare bids and place your order for your furnishings with ease.

Where To Find Deals On Office Tables

When it comes to purchasing office furniture, you have a lot of options available to you. Some of these options are better than others, and the idea is to find a furniture dealer that provides you with the best bang for your buck. Buying office tables at Equipment Street is often the best way to ensure you’re getting a great deal and excellent financing options.

The reasoning behind this is the “marketplace” approach taken by Equipment Street. Instead of just providing a “storefront” for purchasing office tables, users are met with more options and better prices thanks to a larger range of vendors. After all, you’re never going to get the best price at a website that doesn’t offer things from different vendors. Without this competitive atmosphere, there’s not much of an impetus on the part of the site to offer competitive rates.

It also helps to search with an open mind about the office tables you’re willing to purchase. There are many different types of tables out there and they are sometimes sold by specialty vendors. When you take a very narrow approach toward purchasing office tables, it can be very difficult to find any kind of deal worth taking advantage of. It’s really just like anything else in life. When you only look in one direction you are going to miss out on quite a lot that is happening in your periphery.

Using marketplace sites to purchase your office tables isn’t just smart for tables. It’s also a smart way to purchase just about anything that you can think of for your office. Sites like Equipment Street offer the types of deals that other sites simply aren’t able to offer. The marketplace mentality found at Equipment Street provides a lot of different options for consumers at much lower prices than they may expect. In the end, all that really matters is that your business is saving money on furniture wherever it can. Buying tables, chairs, or anything else through a marketplace-minded site can end up being the best way to get the most out of a limited furniture budget.

5 Problems with Office Chairs

Problems with Office ChairsFive Office Chair Problems to Watch Out For

Office furniture is one business purchase business owners should get right the first time. The wrong office chairs will be avoided or quickly be replaced. Business owners shopping for new chairs should be careful the chairs they purchase do not have one of the following problems.

1. They Are Not Sturdy Enough

Getting a bargain is great, but not at the expense of quality. Poorly constructed office chairs will break down quickly and need to be replaced. This means that employees and customers will have to sit on subpar chairs until the funds become available to replace the chairs or business owners will have to come up with funds quickly.

2. They Are Not Comfortable Enough

Good office chairs should be comfortable. Uncomfortable chairs will leave employees searching for reasons to get out of their seats throughout the day. More time spent walking around is less time spent working and less money for the company. Comfortable chairs help employees settle in and work productively.

3. They Do Not Adjust in Height

Not every chair best fits every person’s body. While business owners probably do not want to buy a different chair for every employee, they can help make the chairs a little more customizable by buying seats that adjust in height. Adjustable seats aid employee comfort, and employee comfort brings companies dollars.

4. They are Covered in the Wrong Fabric

If they are meant to last a long time, office chairs will eventually have something spilled on them at some point. Business owners may want to consider chairs covered in an easy-to-wipe-clean fabric so chairs do not quickly become stained and ratty looking. This is especially important for chairs in break rooms and doctor’s offices.

5. They are Irreplaceable

Some things should be one of a kind—office chairs should not be one of them. If one chair gets broken and needs to be replaced or if another employee is hired and another chair is needed, one chair will not match all the others. While this may be okay for break room chairs that no one sees, it is best to purchase chairs that can easily be replaced.

Buying Office Desks the Right Way

Buying the right office desks is not simply a matter of picking just any desk from a catalog or store. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right desk to compliment your office furniture. Here are six things business owners should consider when purchasing desks for their office.


The first factor business owners should consider is what they want their office desks to look like. Do they want their office to have a formal and official air? Do they prefer something sleek and modern? Should the desks impress customers or will they only be seen by employees?


Next, business owners should consider what size desks they will need. Do they need smaller desks to fit in small cubicles or large desks to fill up stately rooms? Do they need desks small enough to be moved easily for location changes, general office rearranging or collaboration?


Employees need a place to keep their personal belongings and work materials. Are there shelves, filing cabinets and lockers available, or will people put their belongings and materials in their office desks? Do employees have many items they need to keep handy or is work mostly done on the computer or in a shared work room?


Business owners may want to consider purchasing office desks with locking drawers for security purposes. Will people be assigned to their own personal desks or will desks be shared among employees? Do employees handle sensitive materials that should be locked up or is company work generally not confidential in nature?


One thing nearly all business owners will be looking for when buying new desks is quality. While some smaller companies may purchase temporary desks until they establish themselves a bit more, most established companies would rather purchase quality desks that will last rather than desks that will have to be replaced quickly.


Lastly, once business owners have decided which type of office desk they want, they need to make sure the desk fits in their budget. Shopping around for a good deal can help business owners get the right desk for the right price.

Easily Connect with People Selling Office Furniture Online

Some businesses today will try to purchase office furniture for their space in a local retail store. In years past, visiting local stores to make this type of purchase was one of the best options available. However, there are downsides associated with shopping at local stores for office furnishings, and the most important downside to consider is the limited selection available. With a limited selection, you run the risk of paying more than you need to for your office furnishings or having to settle for pieces that are not quite right for your space. The good news is that you can now more easily connect with people selling office furniture when you know where to buy office furniture. You do not have to look farther than to find the pieces you need.

The Better Way to Connect With Retailers

There are numerous companies selling office furniture, and when you know where to buy office furniture, you will be able to connect with them with ease. Through, you will enjoy a faster and easier way to connect with more retailers. In fact, you do not even have to leave your home or workplace to begin shopping for the pieces you need. Instead, you simply complete an online product request form. Enter a few details in the site about the products that you are looking for, and we will begin shopping for you. We will explore products featured through various retailers from across the country, and these include both new and used products. Because of this, we will conduct an exhaustive search on your behalf within a very short period of time.

Finding the Right Pieces at the Best Prices

When you want to know where to buy office furniture, you want to find a resource that allows you to most quickly and easily find the pieces that you are looking for, and you also want to find the pieces that are available to you at the best prices. When you complete the product request form online at, you will receive numerous bids back from different companies within a short period of time. Some bids will not have a price attached to them, but many will. You can contact each retailer directly for more information, or you can compare the bids as-is to determine which is the best deal. Because does all of the shopping for you, your only task is to compare the options and to find the right offer for your needs.

If you have been wondering where to buy office furniture to purchase, you want to find a method that is fast, simple and effective. When you connect with people selling office furniture online through, you will enjoy better results and will find that shopping for furnishings does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. We will do all of the shopping for you so that you easily find the best deal in the fastest way possible. You can start connecting with retailers today by putting to work for you.