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How to Select the Right Commercial Freezer Manufacturer – Part One

This is going to be the beginning of a two-part post on the subject of choosing a commercial freezer manufacturer. Once you choose the right type and size of freezer for your business, you’re going to need to decide on a manufacturer—and this can definitely be a challenge.

Commercial Kitchen EquipmentThe problem with a lot of different freezer options is that they’re very similar. Many models contain the same basic features, and many of them come with similar perks. There are also a lot of pricing similarities between brands—which can serve to make it more difficult to choose the perfect freezer for your business.

And yet, whether you run a corner café or an award-winning waterfront bar and grill, the need for a high-quality freezer will be the same. You literally cannot do business without it! So in this article, we’re going to discuss some fantastic questions to ask yourself before deciding on which company to purchase this vital piece of equipment from.

So let’s get right to it. Here’s part 1.

Question #1: How long has this manufacturer been in business?

Business ConfidenceThis is a pretty basic question—but it’s also incredibly important! As a general rule, you’re probably not going to want to do business with a manufacturer that’s been in business for less than ten years—and there are several reasons for this. For one, a decade of business indicates success. If the company has been able to stay open for ten years or more, then they’re obviously doing something right.

Secondly, a company that has been in business for this long has probably found a way to work well with its customers—which is a HUGE benefit! Finding a company that gives you service after the sale is invaluable in this industry—and a ten-year track-record is a great indication of future satisfaction.

Question #2: Does the company maintain an informative and well-designed website?

If you can’t understand he website—or navigate it—or figure out where the company is located, then you probably don’t need to concern yourself with trying to buy from them.

Seriously—we live in the twenty-first century. You would never expect a business to forget to unlock their doors in the morning. You would never expect a business to forget to stock their shelves. You would never expect a business to allow a leaky roof or a broken floor to remain leaky or broken.

There is, therefore, no reason for why any company should be skimping out on a website. If the web-presence isn’t high in quality, you might want to steer clear and look for someone who can get it right.

Question #3: When you call, do you get an answering machine, or a real person?

Quality Customer SupportThis is super important—and while it’s getting more and more difficult to find quality help these days within the realm of customer service, you should keep in mind that you cannot afford to invest in a manufacturer that can’t even answer the phone in-person! Companies that do this care more about their costs and convenience than your time—and this is a pretty big red-flag where commercial equipment manufacturing is concerned.

Really—there’s no reason for it. If you can’t get a person on the phone without waiting for fifteen minutes or navigating some crazy dial-powered menu, then you might just want to try your luck elsewhere and with a company that cares more about you—the customer.


This is the end of blog post 1 of 2—but don’t forget to check back to see the next set of questions that you should never neglect to ask before making a commercial freezer purchase!

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