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Demonstrate the Value of Your Customers with High Quality Kitchen Equipment

Every restaurant owner knows that a successful establishment goes hand-in-hand with client retention. If customers get angry and leave, the restaurant suffers. Because so many factors are calculated into the cause of lost customers, it might be hard to pinpoint the exact cause. However, a good portion of their frustration with your restaurant could point back to the quality of your kitchen equipment. Worn down and outdated equipment can cause a number of problems, but if you have updated, well-functioning kitchen equipment, it can significantly improve your customer retention rate.

Improve the Speed of Food Preparation

high_end_ovenNothing makes hungry customers more upset than waiting an unnecessary amount of time for their food. When you have hungry customers in your restaurant, they need their food quickly, before their hunger turns into anger. This is sure to happen if your kitchen equipment is worn down. Out-of-date kitchen equipment can quickly depreciate in value and quality. For example, commercial ovens can either run too hot or lose heat because their insulation wears down or the door no longer seals properly. The result is either wasted time on remaking burnt food or on waiting for slowly cooking food.

Not only are slowed cooking processes a big issue, but as your oven loses heat, your kitchen gets hotter, making it even more difficult for your kitchen staff to work efficiently. Heat is proven to make reflexes more sluggish and the brain sleepier, so you are more likely to move slower and make mistakes. Updating your kitchen equipment will resolve this problem. If your equipment functions properly, your food will be done when and how it should be, and your kitchen staff can be at the top of their game.

Improve Food Quality

Chefs know that variations in cooking temperatures can easily ruin food. The more worn down your oven or stove is, the more likely it is to have a faulty temperature gauge. There is nothing worse than putting the perfect soufflé in the oven for just the right amount of time and discovering that it is darker on top than it should be. Your kitchen doesn’t have time to redo a soufflé, so your staff may have to deliver it to the customer, even if it is sub-par. There is no reason to deal with that kind of misfortune. Aside from hiring competent staff, the best thing you can do to provide the highest quality food possible for your customers is to update your kitchen equipment. It will mean no more settling on lower quality food. You can deliver the cuisine you promise at a quality patrons will love.

Improve Food Safety and Cleanliness

Old restaurant equipment can easily carry bacteria that you do not want anywhere near your food. Worn down restaurant equipment can be masked in filthy rust or caked-on grease that is ripe with bacteria and unpleasant particles. If you have this problem, not only could a visit from a health inspector shut you down, but you could also make your customers sick, opening the door to lawsuits and a huge decline in client retention. New and updated kitchen equipment eliminates this risk. With proper cleaning and maintenance of new equipment, you are guaranteed that bacteria and contamination will not get into your food because of old, filthy equipment. This significantly reduces liability, not to mention it increases the satisfaction of your customers. You can show your customers what they are worth to you with safe, clean food.

Improve Guest Comfort

quality_restaurant_furnitureJust as updated kitchen equipment is integral to the success of your restaurant, a comfortable dining area is equally important. If your booths are ripped or your tables wobbly, it significantly decreases the appeal of your dining room. Your restaurant may be noted for its good food, but many won’t want to venture into a shabby establishment to get it. That’s why updating your tables, chairs, hostess stands, bar, etc., is so important. With a higher appeal to your restaurant’s dining area, more people will be excited to eat there. They will recognize how much you value them and will want to return for both the food and the atmosphere.

Your customers are the most important part of your restaurant. If you want to show them that you recognize their importance, updating your kitchen equipment is the answer. You will be able to guarantee an all-around, more pleasant dining experience for your customers if you do.

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