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3 Reasons For Why You Should Buy A Fluid Exchange System For Your Garage

A fluid exchange system is basically a system (usually consisting of a main apparatus with tubes that connect to your vehicle) that allows you to pull old fluid from your vehicle and replace it with new fluid. Some systems can also be used to ‘flush out’ the inside of your car or truck by running a cleaning fluid through it before replacing the old fluid with the new.

Garage MechanicFluid exchange systems are sometimes one of the last pieces of equipment that smaller garages or shops think about buying, mostly because they can seem like a waste of money when it’s possible to just perform said fluid exchanges by hand.

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that there are several good reasons to invest in such a piece of equipment—especially if you perform a lot of regular fluid changes or have a fleet of company vehicles to maintain.

Doing all of this work by hand can be time-consuming and labor intensive—which is why fluid exchange systems are becoming more and more popular. As the market gets more competitive and it becomes more and more important for businesses to eliminate wasted time and energy, people are beginning to realize that purchases like this can make a ton of difference.

Here are 3 reasons for why you should consider buying a fluid exchange system for your shop or garage.

They can save (and make) you money

While it might seem like a big investment up front, buying a fluid exchange system could actually have a significant, positive impact on your bottom-line—especially where labor costs are concerned. Some of the better systems don’t even require attention while they’re running through their cycle. You can really just set them up and let them do their job. Also, those that do require attention really help to speed up the process in-general. They make it easier to change fluids, thus resulting in less time spent on projects that require it. And when you’re paying your employees by the hour, time is money.

They make the entire process easier

Have you ever had problems with spilled fluid on a customer’s (or your) car? Have you ever Service Clip Boardwished that flushing transmission fluid could be simpler than dropping the pan and draining everything the old-fashioned way? Of course, some newer vehicles make those older fluid-swapping chores easier, but even in these cases there are still difficulties that no mechanic enjoys dealing with.

A fluid exchange system, however, makes the process incredibly easy. You can just hook up the hoses and run the system through the normal processes. Not only will you see an increase in your bottom line, but your mechanics will thank you for making their job easier!

They’ll make flushing a vehicle’s system a lot simpler

Changing fluids is good for your customer’s car, but flushing out the system between re-fills is a great way to reduce the build-up of grime on the inside. This can add miles to the vehicle’s lifespan and earn you a great reputation among your customers.

A fluid exchange system will literally make this process as easy as the push of a button (depending upon the exact type of system purchased, of course). With a fluid exchange system, you can forget about spending a ton of extra, valuable time on such a crucial step. This will also, in turn, probably allow you to make your rates for fluid changes more affordable as well.


Spend Save SignsSpending money on a purchase like this may be difficult for some smaller garages or if you have limited cash flow.  Many automotive business owners utilize lease financing or working capital loans and the promise of money-saved in the long run can help to make the idea more appealing and affordable.

At any rate, you should definitely think about investing in this piece of gear if you perform more than just one or two fluid changes per week, and much more so if you perform a dozen or more. You won’t believe how much time you can save with one of these machines! They’re truly an incredible improvement to an absolutely essential function that every garage is going to need to perform every day anyway—so why not make it as easy and as fast as it can be?



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