Equipment Street Announces Enhanced Project Management Features

The latest release of Equipment Street now provides users with significantly upgraded workflow and more complex communication capabilities. These recent features enable buyers and sellers of equipment to have much more meaningful online discussions that ensure each party is able to instantly communicate their exact needs. The newly deployed sophisticated workflow engine will expedite the shopping experience by delivering and managing information both parties require in real time.

When new equipment projects are posted, sellers will have the ability to guide buyers through the project specifications process to ensure they are meeting their requirements. Once the buyer agrees to an equipment proposal, sellers can now provide much more accurate and competitive price quotes. In addition, as the buyers needs change through the purchasing cycle, they can continue to update their project until the actual purchase is finalized. To support this new project management functionality, electronic notifications are integrated into every facet of the communication process. As questions or responses are delivered, sellers and buyers receive real time email updates that provide them with the information they need to accelerate the equipment shopping and negotiation tasks.

Jim Noel, Vice President in charge of Equipment Street Customer Care states, “Our new project management functionality is a major advancement, making the buying and selling of commercial equipment more efficient and convenient. Both parties can now have more detailed discourse and combined with our instant notification technology; buying equipment on Equipment Street eliminates the frustrations associated with more traditional ways of buying equipment. Business people are busier than ever, rather than making numerous shopping trips or playing telephone tag, with just a few clicks businesses can more easily procure almost any type of equipment they need.”

With the recent addition of automotive equipment, the site currently supports nine equipment categories including theft prevention, office technology, software, telecom, food service, light industrial among others. Sellers can publish a customized “storefront” that enables them to promote their unique value to potential shoppers. Buyers have the ability to select a personalized seller search by choosing specific sellers or opt for a public posting, which allows any seller of that equipment to bid on their project. Currently, the site is free to both buyers and sellers of equipment.

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