Equipment Street Announces Expansion into Recreation and Fitness Equipment Sector

Equipment Street has recently launched its new recreation and fitness equipment marketplace. This latest offering will continue to increase the convenience provided to the commercial equipment marketplace. The timing of this equipment expansion will support one of the busiest buying period for this industry, making it significantly easier for buyers and sellers of recreation and fitness equipment to do business. This addition brings the number of supported collaterals offered by the site to ten.

Equipment Street now supports a wide variety of recreation and fitness equipment such as weight machines, cardio equipment, treadmills, swing sets, slides, park furnishings, and much more. Jim Noel, Vice President in charge of Equipment Street Customer Care states, “This new ability to support these buyers and sellers will truly help expedite the entire procurement process for this industry. In many markets the choices to shop for these equipment types is very limited. Buyers of recreation or fitness equipment can now greatly expand their buying options by searching a much larger population of sellers at one central location. This option provides greater purchasing power for buyers, with more sellers available to be shopped and evaluated.

Sellers of this equipment will also greatly benefit from this new offering. Buyers can now easily search beyond their local marketplace. They can view our entire recreation & fitness database or refine a search by a specific mile radius from their location. Now sellers can be discovered by new buyers they could not reach before.”

Buyers can utilize the site to manage their entire procurement process, from first bid to final purchase. The site simplifies and expedites the bidding process, allowing equipment buyers to shop multiple dealers resulting in an enhanced ability to obtain the best products, at the best prices. This online marketplace also offers buyers the ability to obtain financing options to assist in procuring equipment, with affordable payment plan options.

Sellers listed on the site have the ability to immediately expand their market reach and lower their sales costs by receiving free lead referrals. Seller listings can be personalized to promote their unique market offerings. Equipment Street currently provides a broad range of equipment types. Supported equipment categories include theft prevention, office technology, software, telecom, food service, light industrial among others.

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