Equipment Street Releases Real Time Project Notification Functionality

The most recent release of Equipment Street* now offers the equipment seller community significantly enhanced communication capabilities. The site now provides real time seller notifications when a buyer posts a new equipment procurement need. All registered sellers within a 50 mile radius of the buyer zip code location will automatically receive electronic alerts notifying them of a new sales opportunity for the specific equipment they sell.

Previously, sellers would only receive these types of updates when a buyer selected them directly utilizing the sites private search functionality. This new public search notification enhancement will eliminate the requirement for sellers to sign on to view any new projects that are a good fit the equipment they sell. By enabling sellers to be better informed, they can now respond quicker to buyer requests, improving the buying and selling experience of the site.

Jim Noel, Vice President of Equipment Street Customer Care states, “When our buyers create new projects using the public posting component of the site, this instant seller notification upgrade is really going to help expedite the entire equipment purchasing process. Both buyers and sellers benefit and we are already seeing a strong increase the number of sellers responding to new buyer projects. This latest release also provided buyers with the ability to initiate electronic dialogue with the seller after a formal bid was received. Now buyers and sellers can immediately open up a discussion and actually negotiate online to ensure the transaction meets everyone’s needs. It is really exciting to watch how Equipment Street is becoming a real game changer on how commercial equipment is bought and sold. We believe these two recent enhancements will continue to make our site the most convenient way for businesses to find the best equipment at the best prices.”

Sellers are provided with the flexibility to opt in for this new notification feature. In upcoming releases, sellers will have significantly enhanced batch notification options that will enable them to have new projects delivered in a variety of ways. In February, users of the site can also look forward to the addition of the Recreation and Fitness equipment category as well as the introduction of Equipment Street Financing. This comprehensive finance offering will enable buyers to acquire the equipment they need with affordable monthly payment plans.

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