Fire Alarm System

Five Questions to Ask About the Fire Alarm Systems You Are Evaluating

Business owners have many things to consider concerning protecting a building, merchandise, and supplies from catastrophes. Insurance carriers often require business owners to install quality fire alarm systems to protect a building and its contents. Business owners who have never talked to fire alarm vendors need to know several important questions to ask before purchasing fire alarm systems.

Question One: Is There an On-Site Inspection?

Determine if fire alarm vendors complete on-site inspections of premises to determine the most appropriate equipment for a building. An important part of the inspection process must include looking at blueprints of a structure to understand its electrical wiring and heating units. While it is possible for a fire to begin in any building, many businesses contain highly combustible materials that require certain types of fire alarm systems.

Question Two: How Reputable is the Service Provider?

Quality fire alarm systems are a major expense for business owners requiring buying from a reputable company. Determining if a company is reputable includes how long the fire alarm vendors have been operating. By choosing a well-known company, a business owner can receive information from other business owners concerning the quality of the service.

Question Three: What is the Response Time?

Business owners must request information on how fire alarm systems are handled locally including the response times of emergency teams. If an initial alert is sent to another location, then redirected to a local emergency responder several valuable minutes are added to emergency response times.

Question Four: How Does the Technology Protect a Business?

It is important for business owners to learn how the technology provided by fire alarm vendors operates before making a purchasing decision. Fire alarm systems might work by detecting environmental changes such as dangerous smoke, hot temperatures or carbon monoxide.

Question Five: What is the Service Plan and Warranty?

A business owner must request information on the warranties and service plans of fire alarm systems before ordering and installing this protective device. Fire alarm vendors typically have a monthly service fee that covers the cost of repairs or replacements of broken equipment.

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