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5 Tips to Save on Office Equipment Purchases

A busy and successful office can go through office equipment quickly. Business owners can spare themselves some of the expense of frequent office purchases by using these five tips to cut down on office equipment costs.

1. Buy Large Quantities

Supplies that employees use constantly–such as paper, pens and envelopes–can often be purchased at a discount price when purchased in bulk. While this will not work for larger, more expensive purchases, the savings from smaller purchases can really add up over time.

2. Buy Generic Brand Equipment

While brand loyalty can result in some savings, buying generic brands is often easier and more cost-effective. If there is a particular brand of a product that consistently delivers exceptional performance, it may be worth the splurge, but for most office supplies, generic supplies work just as well.

3. Encourage Supply Sharing

While it may be worth the expense to have plenty of paper and pens around the office so no one runs out, other supplies like paper cutters, hole punches and pencil sharpeners can be shared among employees. These supplies can be left in a central work space so employees can grab them as needed and return them when they are finished.

4. Go Green

Not only is going green trendy right now, but it can save business owners money too. Energy saving electronics save money on electric bills. Saving old papers that are no longer needed for scrap paper can save business owners a ton in paper costs.

5. Adjust Office Electronics Settings

Many office electronics can be easily programmed to save business owners money. Printers and copy machines can be set on the “draft” setting to save ink. Computers can be set to hibernate after a period of inactivity. Lights can be put on timers or motion detectors so they do not waste electricity when no one is using them.

While the phrase “you have to spend money to make money” is true when it comes to office equipment, there is no reason business owners should spend more than they have to. By following these five tips, business owners can easily reduce their costs and increase their profits.

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