Interactive Voice Response System

The Benefits of An Interactive Voice Response System

An interactive voice response system (IVR) is a computerized system that utilizes voice to interact with customers on the phone. The computerized system is one step ahead of the automated service where it interprets customer vocal directives so that it helps to direct each customer to the right representative and serves to provide many benefits to a business as well.

An interactive voice response system saves time. Rather than a few to numerous representatives taking calls in order to gauge the need of each customer, the customer can clearly define what the particular need is and then be transferred to the appropriate product or service agent. Some customers are in need of the billing department while others simply need an address and directions. Whatever the reason, utilizing a response system quickly sorts out calls, who should take those calls and whether a representative is needed on the phone to begin with.

An interactive voice response system saves money. Because a response system can be used by several customers calling in, less representatives and receptionists are actively needed. This can save money in terms of man hours, but because a response system is efficient at handling several customers simultaneously, less staff is required to take on customersí calls.

An interactive voice response systemThis type of technology also maintains order. A response system not only sorts calls out, but can lead customers in sequential order to help customers find the right representative and department. For instance, a customer might need to speak to a representative for a billing issue, but itís related to an issue in a separate department. Through a sequence of questions, it is easy to reach the particular representative quickly and efficiently.

An interactive voice response system provides a courtesy to customers. Despite the wish to talk to a human at times, there are times that customers just need a quick answer, such as when a store is open. Itís not necessary to get a representative or other on the phone when one is not needed. However, with the use of an automated response system, a customer can speak to a representative if needed. The bottom line to your business, A a voice response system provides phenomenal customer care at a lower cost.

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