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3 Key Things To Think About Before Buying An Engine Hoist

An engine hoist can be a valuable addition to any garage—be it a commercial business, a private project location, or even a hobby-shop. If you’re going to be changing engines or moving them around, then an engine hoist will really save you some trouble. Engines are, after all, pretty heavy components to lift and move around—and some of them border on being unmanageable without some kind of equipment to help.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about engine hoists and discuss 3 key things that you must think about before making your purchase.

The maximum weight capacity

MechanicThis figure tells you how much weight your engine hoist can manage—though it’s important to note that it may not always be as ‘cut and dry’ as it appears. Figuring out the weight of an engine is easy enough, and figuring out whether your hoist can safely manage it is no big deal—but what most people don’t realize is that there are also external factors to consider. For example, some folding engine hoists lose hoist capacity when they’re fully extended. Sure, you might be using a 1 ton hoist, but if it’s extended all the way, you may only be able to lift a fraction of that amount safely—which could severely limit its usefulness in certain situations.

Make sure to find out how the hoist capacity can be influenced before you buy a hoist, just so that you’re ready for any situation that might present itself.

Used or New?

Some people like to buy things used, and for good reason. You can often save money when you Old vs Newbuy used as opposed to buying new—though when it comes to engine hoists, you’ll likely find that buying used can be a bit more risky than it’s worth.

If someone misuses a hoist or lifts more than they’re supposed to with it (even once), then the odds of it failing in the future are pretty drastically increased. Unless you’re buying some kind of refurbished model that can be guaranteed for safety, you should really stick to the idea of buying new and not sacrifice safety to save on the purchase price.

You might want to consider buying a foldable hoist if you don’t have a ton of room

The foldable engine hoist design is one of the most popular on the market today—and for good reason. Structurally, they’re very durable and are capable of basically everything that a crane hoist is capable of. However, they also offer a feature that could make them even more useful to people with smaller shops or garages—they save on storage space.

Since foldable engine hoists can be reduced to a smaller size for storage, you’ll find that they take up much less room. This can definitely be advantageous if you’re trying to avoid clutter—especially if you don’t use the hoist on a daily basis.


Lease CompassBuying or leasing an engine hoist may be one of the best moves that you ever make for your garage, especially if you plan on changing engines with any kind of regularity whatsoever—but it’s also important that you do some research about them beforehand to avoid some common problems. You may find that many hoists are similar, but don’t forget that there are differences, and some of them may be significant in your situation. Do you want a hoist that folds up? Do you want a hoist that can lift more weight? Do you need a hoist with adjustable legs? Is your building structurally secure enough for a chain hoist?

These are all good questions to ask—so make sure that you look into them before spending your money. A little fact-finding done now will result in a hoist that will suit your needs much better in the long-run.

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