What to Look for In Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators are one of the most essential pieces of equipment for restaurants, convenience and big box stores as well as supermarkets and ice cream stores. If anything goes wrong…these types of companies can’t do business. When it comes to buying commercial refrigerators, buyers must look at brands, warranties, dimensions and condensing unit locations to find good fits. Think of buying commercial refrigerators like buying cars. A Mercedes or BMW is probably going to run better than a Yugo. Look for the best brands for the best equipment.

Warranties are important when considering commercial refrigeration equipment. Like any equipment, Refrigerators may break down or run into electrical problems. This makes warranties key to continued operation and value. Warranties should be for several years. Service networks associated with warranties should be reliable as well as able to deliver in a timely fashion. Should refrigeration equipment break down, everything in it is in danger. This creates worst case cost situations, wasted food and supplies.

Internal and external dimension also are key when considering selection of commercial refrigeration equipment. Refrigerators may have the same outside dimensions. However, inside dimension may differ. This means one storage unit or refrigerator may have much more room to store products than another, yet appear to be the same size. Getting the biggest refrigerated bang per buck is a good thing.

Last and not least, condensing unit location is important to consider when dealing with refrigerators and freezers. Some models have condensing units on top. Some have them on the bottom. Top or bottom units each have pros and cons, so consider which type fits your needs the best. Energy efficiency is important, too, so look for energy efficient models. New Energy Department standards should increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

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