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What Your Office Reception Furniture Says About Your Business

Choosing the right office reception furniture is critical to giving visitors the right impression of what your business is all about. Although stark, contemporary furniture might be perfect for a technology company, it sends the wrong message to those visiting a psychiatrist’s office. At the same time, deep, plush sofas may give the impression that the technology company is not as modern as it should be. These tips can help visitors get the right impression about the company simply by visiting the reception area.

Reception Desk

The reception desk should be the focal point of any reception area, and choosing the right reception desk can send a message to potential clients about the business. The desk should face the main entrance door so that those who enter feel welcomed and greeted. No matter what industry is involved, the reception desk should be free of clutter, so be sure to utilize low shelving or drawers beneath the desk to keep clutter to a minimum. Clutter does not give the appearance of a busy office, but, instead, sends a message that the company is disorganized.

Visitor Seating

Visitor seating is the best way to send the right message about the company. Sleek, futuristic furnishings are perfect for technologically advanced companies as it offers a modern, up-to-date feel when visitors arrive. Although soft, comfortable sofas are an excellent way to create a cohesive and well-thought-out reception area, be careful that the furniture choice is not so comfortable it encourages visitors to sleep. Avoid reclining furniture that lead visitors to think of naps rather than important business meetings. Although antiques can add a unique feel to a waiting area, they are often uncomfortable, so even if the business includes dealing in fine arts or antiques, avoid using them in the reception area.

Color Choices

Bright colors are excellent choices for upbeat industries, such as childcare or art galleries, but muted tones work better in sedate settings, such as accounting or law offices. Choose neutral furniture colors, and add a splash of color with artwork on the walls or flowers on the reception desk. In addition, never use worn out or patched furniture in the reception area. Visitors will get the impression that the company is either not doing well or doesn’t care about the impressions they give to others.

These simple tips can help any company choose the right mix of reception and waiting furniture for the entrance to the business. The key is to send a message to visitors that gets across what the company is about and how they conduct business on a daily basis.

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  1. alexis barker

    Many businesses today are opting for bespoke office reception desks that allow them to inject a little unique style into their reception area. From vibrantly coloured designs with curves and glass counters to wooden office reception desks featuring smart aluminium styling and logos, the choices are endless. By choosing a bespoke reception solution, you have the freedom to create the perfect reception area that is unique to your business and which will wow everybody who walks through.


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